Soccer which is also known as football is one of the most popular sport in the entire world. It has viewers from every corner of the globe and since it not very difficult to understand the rules of this sport, a lot of people love to place bets. Football can offer you a lot of opportunities for betting. But before getting started, one must be aware of some of the football betting terms even if you are looking for non league Fixtures.

  • First important term is stake which means the amount of money a person is willing to place for a bet or it can be also said that the amount which one can afford to lose in case if he loses the bet.
  • Accumulator is a term used for group of single bets in which all the odds accumulate together in case each of these bets comes off.
  • Handicap is a bet which can be placed if a particular team is the absolute favorite. The handicap can be advantageous for the underdog.
  • Half time/ full time is another type of bet which is divided into parts. The first part comprises of prediction of the winner in the first half of the game and in the second half you could predict the winner of the entire game.
  • Score cast is a bet which is placed on a player for scoring the first goal and also the bettor needs to predict the correct score.
  • Win cast is almost like score cast but in this one has to place a bet on a player for scoring and then predict who will win the game.
  • Over/ under is a type of betting which is placed on the number of goals scored which will over or under a number.
  • 90 minute betting is the one which is placed on an individual player to appear within the 90 minutes of the game.