Before you look at the list of sites for esport punters you need to understand what sports betting are all about. You need to know the odd formats which are very important to ensure that you get the value for the amount that you bet.

Decimals and fractions

The odds would be presented as a decimal or a fraction. This represents the proportion of the stake that is returned after the bet is successful. The decimal odd will include the original stake which the fraction does not include.

The decimal odd represents what the percentage payout is of your original stake. The fractional odds represent the ideal winnings which are a fraction of your stake. This gets added on to your stake in the payout.

The American and European format

The American providers present the odds in a way that is different to the European method. Their odds are known as the ‘money line odds’. Sometimes the European bookies also use this particular format for American based sports.

1×2 and Asian Handicaps

This applies to a match winner market. The result could be a win, a loss or a draw. The1x2 bet lets you bet on these outcomes at odds that are listed as a format.

The Asian handicap does a calculation to eliminate the draw option. So you get to back a winner by a margin that is pre-set.

The Asian handicap odds can be spotted easily because it runs to three places of decimals.

Over or under

This is used in the statistical markets and like a “goals per game”. The bets offer three outcomes. These are 1×2 and here the total could be over a set figure, under it or exactly the amount of figure. The bet can also be presented as over or under.