Casinos are for players’ entertainment but this is also complete with casino house rules and the business boss checking those who count cards though not a great deal. It might be tough for newcomers but with time these simple tips come easy.

  1. Time & Practice – In some table games especially blackjack counting cards is a daunting task making you look around on the table in a way that gets you caught. So, before entering the casino like in your buddy’s house practice how you can see without moving your head/ eyes.
  2. Quick Decision Making – If the card house bosses suspects that any player is a card counter then you have to remember basic card counter strategy and implement it in the games at the table instinctively. This must be also done quickly and correctly in all card game scenarios.
  3. Play at Different Casinos – If you’re a weekly player at a local casino then learn to play at different casinos each week. You have to be in a place with several casinos like Las Vegas for sure only then you could do it. But this is so that they do not remember you as card counter.
  4. Walk Away from Hot Deck – There are discipline or rules at the deck to walk away when it is favorable. However, if you do so rarely then chances are you can avoid detection as a card counter as this is not often. It shows you are not a card counter and you can avoid detection.
  5. Mistakes While Gaming – This is another way that only beginner gamers or professional gamblers would make as the scrutiny casino bosses are expert players and they detect card counters easily. Make the casino Bola 333 game mistakes while you’re betting at the least or when the card deck is cold.