People prefer to play the slot games offered by the top rated online casino not just because of the exciting possibilities or the ease of use but also for the possibility of finding a loose! Err, we meant a loose slot machine that is for years known to pay higher payouts than the others! So, have you wondered why the name ‘loose’? It is because in olden days, where online casinos where non-existent people believed that the slots that yielded higher payouts to have one or more of the “loose parts” aka the mechanical malfunction that led to this “strange” but, of course, completely acceptable behavior of the slot machines and hence, the name!

Ok, now that you know the reason for this strange naming, shall we also find the 3 means to discover such loose slot machines in the online casinos to enjoy bigger payouts? Let’s start!

  • Way 1

In the case of land-based slots, there is a possibility for you to find one by monitoring the ambiance around the slot machines, as the loose one has got to have so many fans and too many noises surrounding it! But, in the online casino, is that even remotely possible? But, not to worry, as you have got the better chance of just monitoring the casino announcements to know that online slot that has recently delivered a jackpot! Needless to say, it should be your immediate next venture!

  • Way 2

Choose the popular online slots because there is a reason for their popularity, which is more likely to be their better payouts! Hence, instead of trying your luck elsewhere, go with the trend, as you might hit the loose one that could pay you more than the expected!

  • Way 3

If spending money is not a constraint then, you might even try those high limit online slots that are generally, said to offer higher payouts than the regular ones! But, tread with caution, especially if you are new to such slot machines as risks involved are higher!…