The Best Way to Avoid Detection as a Card Counter

Casinos are for players’ entertainment but this is also complete with casino house rules and the business boss checking those who count cards though not a great deal. It might be tough for newcomers but with time these simple tips come easy.

  1. Time & Practice – In some table games especially blackjack counting cards is a daunting task making you look around on the table in a way that gets you caught. So, before entering the casino like in your buddy’s house practice how you can see without moving your head/ eyes.
  2. Quick Decision Making – If the card house bosses suspects that any player is a card counter then you have to remember basic card counter strategy and implement it in the games at the table instinctively. This must be also done quickly and correctly in all card game scenarios.
  3. Play at Different Casinos – If you’re a weekly player at a local casino then learn to play at different casinos each week. You have to be in a place with several casinos like Las Vegas for sure only then you could do it. But this is so that they do not remember you as card counter.
  4. Walk Away from Hot Deck – There are discipline or rules at the deck to walk away when it is favorable. However, if you do so rarely then chances are you can avoid detection as a card counter as this is not often. It shows you are not a card counter and you can avoid detection.
  5. Mistakes While Gaming – This is another way that only beginner gamers or professional gamblers would make as the scrutiny casino bosses are expert players and they detect card counters easily. Make the casino Bola 333 game mistakes while you’re betting at the least or when the card deck is cold.
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Stupid Mistakes That Smart People Sometimes Make When Gambling

No person in the world is perfect without doing mistakes. Because we can learn many lessons from the mistakes we have done. In gambling, even the smart players or the players who have much experience in that field too make some common mistakes. Those mistakes will make them lose more money. Let us discuss those mistakes which are commonly done by the people in betting or gambling.

  1. Using a bluff strategy:

The players will use some bluff strategy to win in their bets. But those strategies will not make them win always and sometimes it will bring them to a situation to lose.

  1. Gamble with other’s account:

The most common mistake happening in the gambling field is the players will try to use another player’s account just to save time. But this is not the right thing and it will be considered as a blunder mistake and also a fraudulent activity.

  1. Not reading the rules:

The players will enter into the gambling industry without reading the rules and conditions of the website. This will bring them with so many confusions and they want to ask their queries to the support team, they will tell the players to read the terms and conditions properly. This is considered a great mistake and the players should try to avoid doing this mistake. Because without reading terms and conditions, we should not agree to play with the website.

  1. Maximum bets:

The players will play with maximum bets to earn money. But this is a mistake done by them and this will lead to a great loss. We should bet the amount which we afford to lose.


Thus concluding that the players should try to reduce the silly mistakes they often do in betting and try to yield more profits by changing them. The players can even learn the basics from the guides and win more at jawa99.…

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A Complete Gambling for Sports Overview

Before you look at the list of sites for esport punters you need to understand what sports betting are all about. You need to know the odd formats which are very important to ensure that you get the value for the amount that you bet.

Decimals and fractions

The odds would be presented as a decimal or a fraction. This represents the proportion of the stake that is returned after the bet is successful. The decimal odd will include the original stake which the fraction does not include.

The decimal odd represents what the percentage payout is of your original stake. The fractional odds represent the ideal winnings which are a fraction of your stake. This gets added on to your stake in the payout.

The American and European format

The American providers present the odds in a way that is different to the European method. Their odds are known as the ‘money line odds’. Sometimes the European bookies also use this particular format for American based sports.

1×2 and Asian Handicaps

This applies to a match winner market. The result could be a win, a loss or a draw. The1x2 bet lets you bet on these outcomes at odds that are listed as a format.

The Asian handicap does a calculation to eliminate the draw option. So you get to back a winner by a margin that is pre-set.

The Asian handicap odds can be spotted easily because it runs to three places of decimals.

Over or under

This is used in the statistical markets and like a “goals per game”. The bets offer three outcomes. These are 1×2 and here the total could be over a set figure, under it or exactly the amount of figure. The bet can also be presented as over or under.

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